Vintage by Blacktag189

Its an extraordinary story, my love.  A story of bravery, and sacrifice, and friendship, and love.  Love of a friend, eternal love, love of a family..."


White Light by Casca

A collection of scenes from Edward's perspective that picks up where chapter one of Midnight Sun leaves off.

~Contains material from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and chapter one of Midnight Sun~


London by Blacktag189

"As the human turned the corner, Edward managed to open his eyes. He should have known; here was the tall boy with black hair.  He had a striking scar across his forehead, and bright green eyes that bore into Edward's."

~Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover~


Stripped by Jeannette Hetfield

"I wasn't worried about Edward losing control and sucking a stripper's blood.  I was worried, just like every other girl, about her soon-to-be husband being accosted by overzealous exotic dancers."



Blushing Bride by Casca

"Hiking up the yards of white lace, I stepped cautiously into the bedroom, expecting to find either my beloved or Alice holding his severed head in her hands."



United by Casca

Jasper observes Edward and Bella