We have a brand new story from Blacktag189, a fantastic little piece that takes place after the series, called Vintage. Check it out and please leave your thoughts for the author!



Chapter two in White Light is up, along with an author's note reguarding how the Midnight Sun leak will affect this fanfic. (not at all ;-) )



Today I'm happy to begin uploading the Edward piece I am working on called White Light. The first part, 'Cause and Cure', takes place directly after chapter one of Midnight Sun. I would LOVE to hear what you all think of it!



Well, the countdown to Breaking Dawn in underway, and what better to hold us over till August 2nd than some brand new fanfiction!


Hidden Tower hosted author Jeannette Hetfield brings us a fantastic and hilarious piece called Stripped, which is inspired by one of Stephenie Meyer's officially released Breaking Dawn quotes!


As if that weren't enough, a new author to hit Tower shelves, Blacktag189, has written a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover, London, which is absolutely brilliant!


Both of these stories are Edward swoon-worthy, ("London" is Harry swoon-worthy, too!) so please check them out and head over to our forums to drop a line about them. Yes, you do need to register to post in the forums, but it takes, like, two seconds to register with email validation, so NO excuses!  We are having tons of fun discussing the daily Breaking Dawn quotes, and we are starting to get into some great character discussions now. We welcome any and all fans to join us!




Welcome! With the launch of The Hidden Tower's new venue, I've uploaded a new fanfiction called United and some Bella/Edward avatars. You will also find on the fanfiction page, Blushing Bride, a small Bella piece by yours truly that is already floating around on the web. Also we've opened a new Twilight forum called Forks where some great discussions are happening and even more are sure to be popping up. Please have a look around and stop by the forum to let us know how your Twilight obsession started!