Welcome to Tower at Twilight!


So, here I am, another Harry Potter fan jumping on the Twilight bandwagon. It seems like the thing to do these days!


I'm Casca and I've been co-webmistress of The Hidden Tower, a Harry Potter fanfiction archive, for almost seven years now. It's been a fun ride in the Harry Potter fandom, and it seemed only fitting to take the plunge with our newest obsession - Twilight! I am very inspired by the characters of Twilight, particularly Edward Cullen and his venom-toothed family. I'm a "canon" girl which, roughly translated from Harry Potter language, means I play for Team Edward. ;-)


Here you will find a small collection of Twilight fanfiction penned by myself, a small forum for discussion of the Twilight Saga and film franchise, some of my favorite links, as well as anything else I feel like putting up. This site is created by a fan for the fans, so no copyright infringement is intended. I own nothing.


Anyway, I hope you have a nice time looking around, and feel free to stop by and introduce yourself in the forum!